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Nayla & Chris Tango

Towns covered:London
Areas covered: London
Email: chris.naylatango@gmail.com
Telephone: 07553 586 403 // 07932.472.647
Website: http://chrisnaylatango.wix.com/chrisnaylatango
Info:It takes two to tango, but only you to start dancing!

Come and discover the pleasure of a close embrace, dance to great music on a fun, friendly enviroment and enjoy yourself while learning&

Come with a partner or on your own. The focus is just as much on the individual work as it is on the work in couples.

MONDAYS (starting 9th September 2013):

7pm  8pm Beginners
8pm  9:30pm Improvers/ Intermediates

FRIDAYS (starting 13th September 2013):

7.30 - 9pm Improvers/ Intermediates

Beginners (Mondays):
This lesson will cover the basics (walk, pivots, communication, basic steps) and technique. A useful class if you wish to reinforce your basic steps.

Improvers/ Intermediates (Mondays & Fridays):
This class will cover the specific technique for the combination of steps of the day. You will also work on musicality and communication.

Beginners: £8
Improvers (90 minutes): £10
Students: 50% off, all classes  all levels

All classes are drop-in, no need to book beforehand.

See you there!!