About Tango Central

What is Tango Central?

Tango Central is a tango events diary and a tango class/club directory - a single place where you can see what's going on in the world of tango without having to trawl the web for information.

Developing the site

In time, we'll add other features to this website.

If you have any requests or comments please get in touch!

What's in it for the site owner?

This is a not-for-profit service. We just want to make it easier for people to get involved with tango!

What prompted the site?

No-one wants to miss out on a great tango event or class but finding an easy-to-use direcotry is a little difficult - so we invented one...

Who gets to put information on the site?

Event, class and club organisors can add their information to the website using online forms and a rather impressive content editor.

We also encourage anyone with knowledge of an event to submit an entry via the events online form.

If you notice an entry in the diary that is incorrect you can email me to let us know what needs changing. (Don't you just love the democracy of this thing?). We also have an error report form linked intothe classes and clubs section, it's all very simple.

How will we ensure the information in the Diary is correct?

We wondered about that too...

Everything gets checked. It's impossible to spam Tango Central.

But we can't guarantee that all the information in the diary or class/club section is correct or up-to-date so users are encouraged to check with organisors.

Other services

If organisors want to promote an event by placing a banner onto the Tango Central website they can contact me and I'll arrange it. The cost is a paltry £25 per week - check out www.salsakernow.com to see the banner facility at work.

Who's Gomango?

This website was created by Ian Cox... who's day job is website design (rather conveniently)... and his company is Gomango Limited... every so often we create a website because... err... we can.