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Intensive weekend Technique workshop - Mabel y Fernando

11 - 12 May 2019

Longdown Village Hall, Near Exeter.

Intensive Weekend Workshop 
focus on Technique for leaders and followers in Exeter 
by Mabel y Fernando

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A unique opportunity to develop your dance
A whole weekend focus on technique, posture, and small details. 
Aim for dancers with a desire to rise their own level deeper their understanding of what we do.
We will develop a progressive work over 6 workshops (8 hrs of tuition) during a whole weekend.

Saturday & Sunday 12 - 13 May 2018

Book alone or with a friend, not partner need it. 

We will work on the key aspect of technique: posture , groundeness, roll of the hips, balance, communication, music, pivot, rotational moves, etc. 
with the aim to develop further a grounded, graceful, dynamic, powerful and sensitive way of dancing 

• This is an opportunity to deeper the understanding of the way you move and you could move.
• A chance, to be guide in a precise, inspirational way the use of the "hips" in movement, a concept that radically change the way I move in the last few years.
• Communication
• The clear use of the upper body, in the rolls of leading and following, without compromising your posture, balance and ground.
• And further more, technique about rotational moves, pivot, giro technique, walking, leading and following.
• You mainly work alone and occasionally we will do something in couples,

All this in an friendly-welcome environment

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