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Milonga - Lines, Circles & Triangles

16 Nov 2019

24-27 White Lion St. Islington London N1 9PD

Dimitris & Mariana were super popular the last time they were in London. They are back again for a special weekend of workshops.

The theme for the Saturday workshop is Milonga. They will as usual give you loads of technique tips and focus on giving you useful shapes for dancing to Milonga – Lines, Circles & Triangles. It will be lots of fun. Please do join us.
Date, cost and location

Teachers: Dimitris Biskas & Mariana Patsarika
Date: Saturday, 16th November 2019
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Cost: £25 (Includes Practica till 10.30pm)
Location: Tango Amistoso
24-27 White Lion St.
N1 9PD
Booking for the workshop

You can book with a partner and work with them during the workshop. You can also book individually. Either way, you must book for the workshop before coming as we balance the numbers. Please use the form below to start your booking. It is quick and simple to do so. If you encounter any issues during the online booking process, please email

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