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Milonga a la carte with live music by Ruth Rozelaar and Orlando Dibele

17 Jun 2024


An evening of live tango music like no other you've seen!
Doors open 7pm, to give you time to choose your favourite tracks to be played live by Ruth and Orlando during the milonga.
Musicality workshop 7:30pm-8:30pm, by Ruth, accompanied with live music by Orlando.
Milonga á la Carte 8:30pm-23:59pm, with live music by Ruth and Orlando, see the description below.
Interlaced with music by DJ Susan Pesticcio.
Entry: £20
Address: Portland House, 113–116 Bute Street, Cardiff CF10 5EQ

Ruth, a Tango teacher for over 30 years, has been playing Bandoneon intensively for the past 5 and spent the last winter studying with her Maestro, Orlando Dibelo, in Alicante. Between lessons, he joined Ruth's online Bandoneon Meet-up sessions, which she has run on Sundays since the first lockdown.
Maestro Dibelo’s infectious playing style and encyclopedic knowledge of the repertoire is rooted in 6 decades of professional playing with the grand orchestras whose music we all know and love to dance to.
Whilst together, they came up with the concept of “Milonga á la Carte” where, uniquely, the dancers request their favourite dance tunes from a selection of 250 titles in the Tango Fakebook series, which Orlando and Ruth will then play live, A La Parrilla style.
Orlando and Ruth played together, in the middle of the Ronda, at a Tango Festival in Alicante, and on the strength of just one tune, the organiser booked them for a whole session at this year’s festival in December!
“Milonga á la Carte” will tour the UK in June 2024.
About the workshops:
With the development of “Milonga á la Carte” comes the introduction of dance/musicality teaching sessions, incorporating live music. Ruth will explore musical secrets with the students and, in addition to using recorded music, she will have Orlando illustrate her teaching points on the Bandoneon, incorporating the numerous different styles, rhythms and phrasing to be found in the music. This promises to be a unique way of enabling dancers to recognise and respond to the huge variations in the music of Tango, Vals and Milonga, and from then on to interpret the many nuances and phrasings in their own dancing.

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