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Towns covered: Pant (Oswestry), Chester and Shrewsbury
Contact:Sharon Koch
Areas covered: West Midlands
Email: sharontangoin@gmail.com
Telephone: 01691 839268
Website: tangoin.co.uk
Info:New courses for beginners starting in September 2017:-

Chester, Pulford Village Hall:- Sunday 10th September, 7pm (13 weeks)

Pant Village Hall (Oswestry):- Monday 12th September, 7:30pm (15 weeks)

Shrewsbury, The Malthouse, Atcham:- Thursday 14th September, 7pm (15 weeks)

Please book onto any of these courses with Sharon via email - thank-you.

For those interested in classes that are further on please do contact me. They happen on the same nights in Chester and Shrewsbury but a little later in the evening and in Pant on a Wednesday evening (3 years + for this class)