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Andreas Wichter

Towns covered:Totnes
Contact:Lynn Collins
Areas covered: South West
Email: lynn.collins@talk21.com
Telephone: 01803 849364
Website: www.tangokombinat.de

"this is the sort of workshop that people swear never exists....”

‘Dancecraft’ is the skill which elevates floorcraft to a level where it can enhance, inform and shape your dance rather than just limiting it.It allows you to bring your steps to life, change them at will and improvise freely so you can interpret the music, while being connected to everyone in the ronda.

The Dancecraft workshop contains exercises to help free you from the shackles of memorized or ingrained sequences, improve improvisational ability, and incorporate other couples' movements on the floor into your dance in a positive manner. 

We will look at integrating floorcraft skills with expression and musicality.There will be exercises for precise leading and following and variation of turns and other elements to meet the demands of fluctuating space on the floor as well as that of the music. 

With the aim of letting the flow of the ronda shape our dance, we will work on flexible turning skills to make and change turns and direction changes on the fly.To shake off habitual routines, we will have some improvisation exercises to enable us to change any step at any time to fit the situation.


This course is equally valuable for leaders and followers and plenty of personal attention will be given. 


Day:    Mondays

Time:  8 – 9pm + 30 minute Practica

Dates: 26 September, 3 and 10 October 2011

Venue: Birdwood House, High Street, Totnes

Price:   £24 pp or see Earlybird offer below.

Requirements: Solid basic skills (posture, embrace, walking, parallel & crossed system transitions, simple turns) are required.

Number: The course will be limited to 6 couples

Booking: Please book with a partner.  To book: email lynn.collins@talk21.com  Or 01803 849364

Cancellation Policy: The full course price will be payable unless we can find another couple to take your place.

Early Bird Offer
£4 off if you book by Monday 19th September 2011 – only £20 pp!