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Glasgow Tango Tipica

Towns covered:Glasgow
Areas covered: Scotland
Email: contact@glasgowtangotipica.info
Website: www.glasgowtangotipica.info
Info:Tango Tipica - Tango as danced in the Salons of Buenos Aires in the Golden Age.

Catherine Dogaer & Wim Taghon (Tango Tipica) teach and perform the authentic Argentinean tango in the style of the 1940s, the Golden era of the great tango orchestras  unique in Scotland.

They have been dancing Argentinean Tango for more than 15 years and teaching for more than 8 years, both in Glasgow and abroad.

They have previously been commissioned to perform authentic and theatrical tango displays at art exhibitions, fashion shows, charity balls, weddings and private parties.

For photos and videos, plse see www.tangotipica.info/photos and www.tangotipica.info/videos

contact@tangotipica.info - www.tangotipica.info

Tango Tipica supports local charity Volunteer Tutor Organisation Glasgow (VTO) (Registered charity No SC000403), which provides tutoring for children needing educational support.