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Tango El Mundo

Towns covered:Haywards Heath
Areas covered: South East
Email: tangoelmundo@yahoo.com
Telephone: 0777 884 6060
Website: tangoelmundo.com
Info:Tango, Vals, Milonga every 2nd Saturday of the month at: KING EDWARD HALL, 24 High Street, Lindfield, Haywars Heath RH15 2HH 6pm to Midnight.
(Salsa and Jive in our other hall)2 group hourly classes 6pm to 8pm to suit all levels £6.
Milonga, free style 8pm to Midnight £6. Light refreshments, tea, coffee. Nice atmosphare, keep slim, fit and look good. no partner needed, (more men will be apprechiated). Special monthly offers £12,£16 and yearly membership.
And every Monday 4pm to 8pm at CLAIR HALL, Perrymount Road, Haywrds heath RH 16 3DN, hourly private sessions, 1st wedding sessions £14/£24