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Tango UK

Towns covered:Bramshaw
Contact:Steve Morrall
Areas covered: South East
Email: steve@thewaylesstrod.co.uk
Telephone: Office: 023 8081 4851 Steve: 07793 847500 Debbie: 07941 753707
Website: www.tangouk.co.uk/lessons.htm

We teach group workshops, weekly classes, private lessons at our dance studio in Bramshaw, New Forest only 5 minutes from junction 1 on the M27. Directions

Steve is a life-long musician and creative artist. Before tango, Steve developed his teaching skills as an IT trainer for a national charity and as a horse-riding instructor. Both roles helped him to evolve a pedagogical interaction with people and an understanding that effective teaching requires a development of a student's mind, body and spirit. 

For 10 years, Steve and Debbie taught Argentine tango every week at TLC in Southampton before opening their own dance studio in Bramshaw.

Steve and Debbie have also taught at La Rogaia, Umbria, Italy for the last 6 years. Wolfgang and Annette, who host the holidays regard Steve and Debbie's Musicality teaching clearer than any other teachers they host, and they host many maestros from the world of tango. MORE

Where can I learn to dance with Steve and Debbie Morrall?

If you are a beginner, you can learn to dance with us on Tuesday nights.  Our next 8 week beginners' course starts onMarch 15. The course will teach you how to dance salon style tango, 'walking in an embrace to music'. This takes place on Tuesday evening from 8pm - 9.30pm followed by a 1 hour practice session (see below for costs and curriculum). GO | BOOK ONLINE

If you can't make Tuesday evenings, we also offer one day intensive starter courses called Tango Toolkits at the weekend.MORE

When you graduate from the first level 'walking in an embrace to music' class, we offer an second level class on Wednesday night which focuses on 'rotating together in an embrace to music.' This also takes place in the dance studio at 8pm - 9.30pm also followed by a 'practica' (practice session). The next second level course will start on 16 March 2011. When you graduate from this class, we guide you towards our Thursday night advanced musicality class, private lessons and week-end workshops, advising each dancer on the format that best suits their needs.

We also host special teaching events like 'Tango at La Rogaia' in Italy. Occasionally, we lead workshops and teach at festivals and other tango events around the country which we publish on our events page and via our 'opt-in' emailnewsletter.

Our teaching method

Steve is a natural and intuitive teacher who draws on strengths that Myers-Briggs (MBIT) would categorise as eNFJ(extravert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging) a rare mix of qualities only found in 2-3% people. 

Steve is an advocate of the possible, a man who will say 'half full' rather than 'half empty', a teacher who instinctively looks to and expects the best in people. He inspires confidence and self-belief because he is enthusiastically confident and believes in himself.

As a teacher, he encourages with positive feedback, celebrating the smallest improvement. In mixed level workshops, Steve is at his best and can spontaneously and effortlessly dream up activities and imagery that will help students acquire dance skills.

He teaches tango as a process of engaging mind, body and spirit and will draw on all his life skills of theatre, music, dance, clowning and art to help people bring out their inner potential.

Steve and Debbie prefer not to teach choreography which traps dancers in sequences and makes them slaves to their memory. 

Tango is about the music and dancing from the heart. In a recent class, Steve and Debbie were working on breaking the dance down into taking one considered step at a time. In the class, Steve said "....think of tango as non-verbal communication. A conversation with a stranger will start simply and grow in depth and complexity as we learn how they respond, what they are interested in, what moves them and what they don't like." To illustrate this, he showed the dancers  exercises to apply this concept in the way mind and body could understand. 

"Start every dance simply - even with a partner you know well. They can have off days too and need to refocus on you and your dance. Don't hurry steps, savour moments of simply walking together in an embrace. Ask yourself - can you feel her heart beat? Can you feel tension? Are you tense? Don't forget to breathe. A deep, slowly exhaled breath in an embrace will encourage your partner to relax."