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Thames Valley Tango

Towns covered:Eton, Reading
Areas covered: South East
Email: dance@thamesvalleytango.co.uk
Telephone: 07793 142743
Website: www.thamesvalleytango.co.uk

Thames Valley Tango is one of the UK's main organisers of Argentine tango lessons and tango dance events.  We have been teaching tango for over seven years and running popular tango dances including the famous tango dances on Eton Bridge.

Do you want to learn Argentine tango? It's a social, enchanting, and elegant dance. Our tango lessons are friendly and personal. Learning tango is enjoyable, and very addictive too!  

We give tango lessons in Eton and Reading. Our lessons are very popular, and you'll find them fun, friendly and relaxed.

We give Tango lessons in:



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