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Tango West

Towns covered:Bristol
Contact:Michele or Andrew
Latest news:

New classes are now ongoing - just turn up on Wednesdays at the Redland Club BS6 6TN.

Please check website first before coming www.tangowest.co.uk

6.30-7.45pm Beginne
rs & Recent Dancers
7.45-8.38pm Practice time

£8 or £40 for 6 classes.

Tango West invites you to –
New Argentinian Tango Classes
with instructors Michele and Andrew…

at The Redland Club, Burlington Rd, Redland, Bristol BS6 6TN

Come and learn this amazing dance – the true tango as danced in Buenos Aires – the elegant social style, based on improvised movements – accompanied by wonderful traditional orchestral tango music.

You will learn the techniques to develop posture, balance and weight change whilst building up a repertoire of interesting movements and developing understanding of connection with your partner and the music.

Learn at your own pace, relax and enjoy the classes, there is no exam!

Milonga and Vals (sister dances to the Tango) will also feature – each with their own musical styles and appeal – to intrigue and enjoy!

You can attend the classes with or without a partner; no special equipment needed, just smooth soled shoes and a smile!

Five Good reasons to learn Tango –

• come along and have fun,
• meet new friends,
• learn a new social skill
• enjoy the music as well as the dance
• become healthier and fitter with the pleasure of dancing!

For more information :
Email  michele@tangowest.co.uk
Tel      07981 756965

Areas covered: South West
South East
Email: azul@tangowest.co.uk
Telephone: 07981 756965
Website: www.tangowest.co.uk
Info:Tango West, established 20 years ago, was instrumental in bringing Tango to Bristol and the surrounding area. It is run by Andrew Oldroyd and Michele Tedder. Over the years we've held thousands of classes and put on and DJ'd at over 400 social dances and events.Tango West is the place to come to learn and dance Argentine Tango