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Tango in the Lodge - Tango El Mundo

Towns covered:London
Areas covered: London
Email: tangoelmundo@yahoo.com
Telephone: 0777 884 6060
Website: www.tangoelmundo.co
Info:Tango, Vals, Milonga 54 Lodge Road, St John Wood London NW8 8LA
0777 884 6060

Special Offer: Quote Ref: TEMSO-M25

Monthly Beginners COURSES £25 7pm - 8pm 

Monthly Improvers & Intermediates COURSES £25 8pm - 9pm Monthly MILONGA & Practica: £25

Monthly Membership Card £25

(Half price on all our classes, milonga & private sessions)

Free Celebration for your Birthday (up to 10 couples),feel free to bring your own wine & cake

Two classes: Beginners 7pm - 8pm £10. 

Improvers & Intermediates 8pm - 9pm £10. 

Milonga & Practica 9pm - 1am £10 . 

One class and Milonga £15. 

Two classes and Milonga £20.

Newcomers: £5 off your first visit

Private Sessions £50 for 1 person.£60 for a Couple


(Buy 10 classes, each sessions £25=1 Person, prepaid)

(Buy 10 classes, each sessions £30=A Couple, prepaid) 

MORE OFFER:{prepaid}

Private (5 couples max) Beginners.Classes £20 ph each 

Private (5 couples Max) Improvers £20 ph each

4 Milonga entries £30 each 

Monthly Private Classes (5 couples Max) £60 ph each 

Private lessons £50 - 1 person.£60 A Couple 

First wedding dance sessions £50 TV, shows, performance sessions £50

Special offer: pay for 10 private sessions £25 each, £30 A Couple