The Meaning of Tango (based loosely on the idea behind the book The Meaning of Liff)

Here's one of those long and rambling 'conversations' that took place on Facebook in the Spring of 2013... take a place name and define it for tango... enjoy

Ian Cox The name for a 3rd line of dance at a milonga: a Truro

Ian Cox Rising to a cabaceo that wasn't aimed at you: Beccles... usage... I've been Beccled'

Ian Cox Someone who does inappropriate boleos: an Axbridge

Siani Williams And what is a Limpley Stoke?

Siani Williams A half hearted embrace?

Ian Cox Someone who joins the line of dance too quickly and without catching the eye of the leader he's stepping in front of (phew!): a Chipping Norton

Aaron Davies A lane changer? Ermmm..Clegglomaniac!!!!

Ian Cox Aaron - good - but you're supposed to use town/village names...

Aaron Davies Rebel without a cause

Ian Cox Someone who dances open embrace for the sole purpose a getting a better view of his followers chest: a Clevedon

Siani Williams A leader who hasn't cleaned his teeth for a week- a Fontmell Magna

Aaron Davies Ok, I'll cooperate, Ian: Lord Hereford's Knob (your last reference) - it's in Wales!!

Ian Cox Anyone called David who keeps making an effort: a Daventry

Ian Cox Someone who dances close embrace with a cold: a Dewsbury

Ian Cox Someone who thinks they know everything about axis and balance: a Dunstable

Ian Cox Someone who used to talk a lot on the dancefloor: an Exmouth

Siani Williams And a Toller Porcorum-a very tall leader with the sort of enormous belly that gives the intention a 5 minute delayed action.....

Ian Cox A men-only milonga: Mansfield

Siani Williams If that is an Exmouth Ian, what is a Weymouth?

Ian Cox A German tango dancer who is prone to headaches: a Minehead

Ian Cox Siani, a Weymouth is someone at a milonga who talks about diets all the time

Siani Williams Haha! X

Ian Cox A Mormon who has just taken up tango: a New Romney

Ian Cox Someone at a Tea Dance who doesn't stop dancing for the food: a Nuneaton

Ian Cox A tango dancer who is past his or her sell-by date: an Oldbury

Ian Cox An over-excited Irish tango dancer: a Paddock Wood

Siani Williams Grimsby...a leader who embraces you so tight that the rib cage crackles for a week after...

Ian Cox Someone who critizises the slightest wrong in his follower: a Pickering

Aaron Davies A shy follower: a Shrewsbury

Ian Cox An overweight tango dancer: a Prescot

Aaron Davies Re-your chest: a Manchester

Aaron Davies Dances in the middle: A Puddleton

Aaron Davies Walks into the line of dance: An Asscot

Ian Cox One 's' there Aaron m'lad

Aaron Davies Oh really

Ian Cox Someone who always dances too quickly: a Rushden

Ian Cox ya ya

Aaron Davies Someone who takes forever to move: A Luton

Siani Williams A leader who continually stamps on the followers feet: An Okeford Fitzpaine

Ian Cox Someone who keeps getting kicked on the dancefloor: Scarborough

Ian Cox The feeling that comes over you when a nice vals starts up: Skipton

Cliff Kneale Someone who takes the initiative Leeds

Siani Williams HUISH Episcopi then, is the pre milonga excitement!!

Aaron Davies Ballroom dancer at a Milonga: a Canterbury

Ian Cox A beginner who tries too hard: a Sturminster Newton

Siani Williams A Westonzoyland is a leader who can't follow the ronda the right way.

Cliff Kneale A Baleo to the lower leg Hackney

Aaron Davies Wide boy chasing skirt: a Sydney

Ian Cox To sit out a tanda in order to wind up the dancers with inappropriate hand gestures: to Taunton

Ian Cox Someone who fails to dance 'into the floor': a Tipton

Ian Cox When a follower leans to heavily on you: Tonbridge

Aaron Davies Lane changer: A Turnpike Lane

Aaron Davies One who dances up your backside: A Camden Passage!

Ian Cox Someone who wears inappropriate footwear: a Wellington

Ian Cox Lots of words for lane changers Aaron...

Cliff Kneale a followers response to Kens bad musicality Kilkenny

Aaron Davies Mmmm...too many recent experiences!

Siani Williams An Evercreech: a leader who refuses to cabeceo and follows you around the room before pouncing....

Ian Cox Someone who takes up both lanes in the ronda: a Widnes

Cliff Kneale leader hand wondering below the waist Romany

Ian Cox The act of dancing without straightening your leg: Witney

Siani Williams Runcorn:state of overused feet

Ian Cox The meet-up just before the milonga starts: Yeovil

Aaron Davies One who drones on endlessly about what constitutes proper tango music: A Windsor

Ian Cox To dancing using nothing but the walk: Woking

Siani Williams Ramsbottom: getting a whack from another couple mid tango

Ian Cox To keep on turning and turning and turning: Wiveliscombe

Ian Cox Someone new to tango who gets a little too excited in close embrace: Wood Green

Ian Cox How you feel after a particularly moving tanda: Wembley

Siani Williams A Cockerham...a leader who gets over excited!

Cliff Kneale A a description of a large man that wont let you into a well liked local milonga Burley

Ian Cox A milonga where there's no-one worth dancing with: Uckfield

Aaron Davies An Ambridge: always does the same thing

Ian Cox Let's not be tempted to define Cockermouth Siani!

Cliff Kneale telling someone enthuiastically that you like this music in the hope that they will invite a dance Hinton

Siani Williams Beddgelert: a leader who only does tango to meet bedfellows

Aaron Davies A Middleton: definition of a dull milonga

Cliff Kneale someone that doesnt follow the line a dance at all Rome

Ian Cox Someone who falls over on the dancefloor: a Spilsby

Cliff Kneale never seen that Ian Cox

Ian Cox A particularly exclusive milonga: Snodland

Siani Williams Skewen- leader who only turns in one direction.

Cliff Kneale thats me then a Skewton

Aaron Davies Trenchtown: the experience of getting stuck in the corner, surrounded by people doing boleos and ganchos

Ian Cox Reigate: to walk ironically

Siani Williams Chipping Sodbury- a leader noone wants to dance with.

Siani Williams No its not Cliff

Cliff Kneale time to leave Moscow

Ian Cox Newport - someone who has just taken up tango and can only turn to the left

Cliff Kneale that feeling in your heart after a great Tanda when you know you wont see that partner for a while Helsinki

Siani Williams Frogland Cross- a leader who zigzags all over the floor

Aaron Davies A Siberia: a follower who ends up sitting out all night..

Aaron Davies Georgeous follower who gives you the hard shoulder: an Iceland

Ian Cox To dance patterns at a milonga that you've haven't even practiced at a practica: masham

Cliff Kneale what your partner needs to do if they smeel Washington

Aaron Davies but who actually isn't any good on the dance floor!!!!! Bitter? Noooooooo

Ian Cox When the followers are allowed(!) to ask leaders to dance: Maidstown

Cliff Kneale a move involving a knee sit Lapland (I am rather pleased with that one

Ian Cox Tall people who always dance together: Loftus

Ian Cox knew sit?

Siani Williams where is loftus?

Cliff Kneale knee sit

Ian Cox Anyone called kenneth who arrives at a milonga after eating a vegetable curry... wait for it...:Kendal

Aaron Davies Taunton: a follower who wears very short skirts but refuses to dance

Cliff Kneale Ian thats food but I like it

Ian Cox Sorry Cliff, that's what I meant to type... knee sit?

Cliff Kneale yeah knee sit I dont know the spanish word for it

Siani Williams There wa one done at the Feast!!!

Siani Williams A Lapland in fact!!

Cliff Kneale not by me

Ian Cox When the hem of a followers dress gets caught in here knickers: Hitchin

Cliff Kneale when you are so angry with the floor craft that you are actually letting off steam Madasacar

Aaron Davies You call that a dress

Siani Williams No....Mr Shiny suit!

Ian Cox What you think after being stilletoed: Godalming

Rob Maskell Someone at a Milonga who should be shot - Stoke Canon

Ian Cox When it feels like everyone at the milonga has smoked too much dope: Folkestone

Cliff Kneale When there is nobody serving at the bar Barcelona

Rob Maskell I shit you not there is a place in Brazil called Neópolis, does exactly what it says on the tin

Ian Cox Ealing: the period of recovery time after being stilletoed

Aaron Davies Mornington Crescent: the Milonga that takes 3 hours to find, in the pouring rain, and has been cancelled.

Ian Cox Someone who starts dancing without taking off their coat: Didcot

Cliff Kneale when you get your one back on Mr Smith Hammerstmith

Ian Cox A pretty follower: Chickerell

Cliff Kneale when the ligth are too high at the milonga Brighton

Ian Cox A dull playlist: Blandford Forum

Cliff Kneale a tanda that really you arent enjoying Badlands

Ian Cox When everyone cabaceos at exactly the same time: Beaconsfield

Cliff Kneale a frosty follower Iceland

Ian Cox Looking annoyed at someone who just overtook you: Askern

Siani Williams Bolton:the urge to escape a terrible Milonga...

Aaron Davies Shaftsbury: an over-priced milonga

Ian Cox Someone who repeats the same moves all the time: Andover

Cliff Kneale that stage where you have to really concentrate to lead Minehead (thanks god that over)

Siani Williams Bangor: a leader who contunually whacks his follower into furniture and other couples

Cliff Kneale someone that sings badly in your ear Singapore

Siani Williams haha

Cliff Kneale time to get the atlas out

Siani Williams uhoh

Ian Cox Well, that's cheered everybody up! Hope to see you all at Tango West or Bramshaw over the weekend!

Cliff Kneale someone that leads the basic 8 over and over Cuba

Siani Williams It did Ian!

Cliff Kneale wait I have the Atlas now

Cliff Kneale just waming up lol

Ian Cox Good grief Cliff!

Cliff Kneale I am Bramshaw I will be at the Tea Dance

Aaron Davies Most enjoyable. Night all

Cliff Kneale the door from the Kitchen where you can escape from a unwanted dance Salvador

Siani Williams nos da!

Siani Williams like that Cliff!

Cliff Kneale yep that was fun

Siani Williams Actually it reminds me of a time when Sioni was very little, sitting on the toilet reading the Book of Liff and laughing so much she fell in and got stuck!

Cliff Kneale keeping count of how many dances you've had I-taly

Cliff Kneale a really really bad dance Congo

Siani Williams Dumpton:being abandoned mid-tanda

Siani Williams to bed with a book.....

Siani Williams Sleep well all....

Paul Strudwick Belly lead - Middle Wallop

Dawn Porter Removing the loonies - Madrid

Paul Strudwick Manchester - when a man leads another man

Dawn Porter Preston - a follower who gives you all her weight.....

Border Tangoman A large couple making an out of line manouvre, eg overtaking: Elephant & Castle

Siani Williams 'amster-dam ...warning comment from one follower to another about previous leader, who only takes very small steps, ALL the time!

Siani Williams oo Paul...what does that make Nether Wallop!!

Border Tangoman That's the Gardel Bum Kick...

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