Enhanced Login service

We offer tango teachers and tango event organisors full access to the Tango Central diary and the class/club sections so you can edit your own content and activate your own events.

The easiest way to request a login is to submit information about your classes/club using our class/club submission form. On receipt of your form we will send you an Advanced Login. If you don't run a regular class/club but would like to be able to manage your event listings simply send an email requesting an Advanced Login - confirming your website address (if you have one) and the dates and titles of any events already listed in Tango Central.

Notes for Enhanced Login users:

The login page

The link to tour Advanced Login is here: www.weblive2.co.uk (if clicked now, this link opens a new browser window)

Use the Username and Password we've sent you - if you lose either please email us for a reminder.

The Editor menu

You will see link to your Events and Class/Club listings (ignore the 'Document Uploader' for a moment)

Click either and you will see your own class or event items (only events you have created plus those we have assigned to you will be visible) - you can edit the existing ones or click 'new' to add a new class/club or event.

Some notes on the the editing process

The editor is pretty self-explanatory - you can probably work it all out in about 5 minutes - email Ian if you get stuck!

Editing an Event - Event dates

If the event spans more than one day then enter the end date in the 'End of Event' fields AND tick the box for 'lasts more than one day'.

Entering website addresses in website address fields

In the website address fields don't include the http:// element - this gets added automatically.

Copying content into the editor

You can cut and paste into the Content field but we recommend that you first copy text from the source program such as Word into Notepad and then cut and paste from Notepad into the Event editor (because Word is often accompanied by tons of unrequired hidden code) - alternatively, use one of the 'Paste as' buttons in the toolbar - the 'paste from Word' button will strip bad Word code.

Custom coding the HTML for your event

If you know your way around HTML you can click the 'HTML' button in the Content field toolbar - you can then fully edit the content. This means that if you have an image for an event which is hosted on your own website you can add a link to it e.g. you could add:

(angle-bracket)img src="http://www.yourwebaddress.co.uk/yourimagesfolder/imagename.jpg"(angle-bracket)

Going live

Make sure to click the 'Show on site' button to make your class/club or event appear on the website.


You've got various save options in the editor - 'Save and Continue' saves the item but keeps the editing screen displayed - the other options are self-explanatory. If you are writing a lot of content into Weblive we recommend regular saves - a break in your connection will otherwise lose your work! When doing this we recommend you leave the 'Show on site' button unticked - this way a partial entry is not displayed on the website until you are ready to display it.

Linked documents

There is a field in the Event editor for a linked document. This could be a flyer for your event. To use this field you need to upload the document via the 'Document Uploader' in the main menu (the 'Home' buttons get you back there) - use the uploader to browse to the file on your PC, click 'open' in the Windows dialogue box and the click the Weblive 'Upload' button. Go back into the Event record and enter the document filename (plus its extension) e.g. test.txt

You can upload any document type e.g. doc, txt, pdf - try to optimise the file so it's not too big - anything over 1 Mgb is likely to deter people during the download process.